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Fed up of energy crashes? 

Sick of chronic pain and injuries?

Tired and lacking motivation?

Step off the roller coaster and increase your ENERGY

Look and perform like a CHAMPION

My name is Thomas and I help people transform their ENERGY, FOCUS and PERFORMANCE.

Let’s face it, the standard approach doesn’t work. The latest fad diet and next weight loss challenge isn’t only boring but also comes with loads of stress before dropping us back to old habits, leaving us more frustrated and defeated than before we started.

Look, I was on the verge of giving up.  

  • I was convinced that energy crashes and lack of motivation was simply the hand I was dealt.
  • I believed achieving anything worthwhile required pain and suffering.  
  • I thought food cravings and bowel discomfort came from all foods.  


I was dead wrong (well not quite dead)

Until I woke up and realized it doesn’t have to be this way


If you’re still reading this you are likely interested in …  

  • Having more time and energy to do the things you love  
  • Enjoying meals without pain and discomfort  
  • Achieving greater results from training 


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When I adapted these basic principles I discovered how to...

  • Reduce my overall training time and improve my performance. 
  • Eliminate energy crashes and stay focused all day. 
  • Easily manage stress and enjoy life even more. 

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Jorunn Lorenzen says... 

"Specificity is key"  

I hired Thomas as a coach when I reached a plateau with my running training for a marathon. Thomas provided me with a well-designed program, which progressively built my endurance and improved my speed. As a trainer Thomas always listens to concerns, has a practical solution to problems that arise and an incredibly positive mindset that helped me get through the tough times when my motivation suffered. 

Mike Wurz says...  

"Support is essential" 

I’ve been training with Thomas for many years and my fitness has improved 100% because of it. His patience and knowledge of the human body has helped me immensely. As a competitive martial artist I’ve dealt with numerous injuries preventing me from competing. Thomas has helped me through these rough times by simply being there, coaching me through rehabilitation and improving my technique. To this day I’m proud to call Thomas a close friend and the guy that keeps me fit and healthy no matter what competition lies ahead. I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone because this is what he truly loves and is gifted to do.  

Hayden Bell says...  

"Have a vision and a gameplan"  

Thomas knows his stuff, 110%. The knowledge he has about the physical body is outstanding. I was in a car accident in September 2010 and when I got out of the hospital I was on the lookout for someone that could transform me back into my old physical self. Once I got settled into a new I was introduced to Thomas. It’s important to note that all other trainers were hesitant to take on a challenge (for lack of a better word) like me. Thomas stepped up to the plate and said “I can get you back!” He saw what I needed and then gave me the tools/ skills to get me there. Thomas gave me my life back.  


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Jon Hopkins says... 

"Thomas' method allowed me to reach my goals with ease"

In a short time working with Thomas I started breaking personal strength records and the fat I had so much trouble losing before started to melt away. My concentration at work increased and my stress level decreased. I am absolutely amazed at the progress and changes I have made, not just in terms of weight loss but also in my lifestyle. Thomas has offered me an exciting and motivating way of turning my life around and taking charge of my wellbeing. I owe an incredible amount to my trainer for always pushing me to be better than I was the day before and for giving me the guidance and motivation I needed to achieve what I had failed to do so many times before. My new skills and the changes I have made are here to stay. I am excited to have begun my journey to live a healthy and rewarding life.  

Brianna Cassetta says... 

"I didn't even realize what my body was physically capable of"

Throughout my entire life I have been relatively thin. But what I quickly learned that being thin does not equate to being fit or healthy. My muscles were weak, my cardiovascular fitness was poor, and I was plagued by fatigue and poor sleep. Through working with Thomas has far exceeded my expectations. My energy levels have significantly increased, and my sleep pattern is better than it has ever been, leaving me far more productive. What’s even better is the changes that I’ve noticed in my daily life – I now have more energy at work, can sleep soundly throug the night and have a more positive attitude. With the gains I achieved through training, I have now been able to join new sports teams, and was even voted “Most Improved Player” on my soccer team. I have never felt more motivated, stronger or healthier!  

Miles Tautscher says...  

"My energy, strength and motivation is transformed"

Thomas went above and beyond to help me become a healthier person overall. While the changes to my diet did not seem outrageous, I was able to feel the difference within days. I was sleeping better at night, and had more energy during the day. The mid-afternoon energy crashes, which I thought was just a fact of life for everyone, occurred no longer. I can do several more pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups than before, and I can plank for over four minutes – something I did not think was humanly possible.It is not an over exaggeration to say that my entire lifestyle has improved since training with Thomas! I’m stronger, healthier, and in better shape than I ever have been. I’ve lost weight and added definition to my muscles. With a trainer like Thomas, it’s easy to stay motivated, and I always look forward to our next session.  




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I believe mindset is key to making your dreams a reality. Take responsibility of your current situation and let’s get to work creating the lifestyle you need to reach your true potential! And, if you need a little help along the way I'm here to guide and support you!  


"What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve"  

-Napoleon Hill  


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